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    Chronic Disease Management Platform

           Based on the classic "five carriages" theory for diabetes treatment and the trajectory framework of chronic disease management, Tonghua Dongbao's integrated diabetes management platform integrates drug treatment, blood glucose monitoring, and patient education using Internet technologies.

           With the hospital-wide blood glucose management system, this platform can be used to monitor and analyze the blood glucose of patients across the hospital. It also supports the management of operator permissions, equipment, and consumables. Its mobile ward round system allows doctors to view real-time patient information at any time and adjust medications based on the real-time blood glucose data to manage hospitalized patients efficiently. After discharge, patients can track their blood glucose levels using the blood glucose management software and contact their attending doctors for guidance and support through the Your Doctor app.

           Tonghua Dongbao's integrated diabetes management platform covers the entire process of diabetes diagnosis and treatment. This hospital-home integrated solution not only facilitates more efficient diagnosis and treatment and effective doctor-patient communication but also reduces the length of stay and medical costs. The platform has been applied in more than 300 hospitals nationwide and attained wide recognition.