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    Brief Introduction

    Founded in 1985, Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has built a solid reputation as a pharmaceutical manufacturer that boasts strengths in the R&D, production, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, particularly Chinese patent medicines, chemical medicines, and biological products. Our most lauded products include Zhennaoning Capsules, Dongbao Gantai Tablets, Gansulin? Recombinant Human Insulin, and Pingsulin? Insulin Glargine. Tonghua Dongbao was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 1994.

    Over the years, we have maintained our philosophy of building a global brand through continuous innovation. Tonghua Dongbao developed China's first recombinant human insulin, with the trade name Gansulin, in 1998. As the first of its kind in the domestic market, Gansulin thus established China as the world’s third producer of recombinant human insulin following the United States and Denmark, and helped China overcome years of dependence on imports of the medicine. This achievement won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and was listed in the "Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs 1998". Tonghua Dongbao was also awarded many honorary titles such as National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprise, and Dongbao? and Gansulin? were recognized as China’s well-known trademarks.

    In June 2008, Tonghua Dongbao successfully commercialized the research results to expand the annual production capacity of recombinant human insulin drug substances to 3,000 kg and became the first EU cGMP-certified biopharmaceutical manufacturer in China. Tonghua Dongbao launched the R&D of insulin analog in 2011, built the third manufacturing plant of recombinant human insulin with an annual production capacity of 126 million vials in 2012, and completed the production lines of insulin glargine and insulin aspart in 2014. In 2016, we started to invest in the construction of the Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, which includes: Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Tonghua Dongbao and Quality Testing Center, production bases of insulin degludec, liraglutide drug substances and injection, wastewater treatment plant, acetonitrile recycling station, etc. Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Research Institute has begun operations since March 2021.

    Our insulin glargine products, the insulin analog, have been available on the market since February 2020. The NDA application of insulin aspart products has been approved in October 2021, and our NDA applications of insulin aspart 30 and 50 injections have been accepted. Once approved, Tonghua Dongbao will become China’s first manufacturer of insulin aspart 50 injections. In addition, our NDA application of oral anti-diabetic hypoglycemic drugs - sitagliptin phosphate tablets and sitagliptin phosphate/metformin hydrochloride tablets have been approved in September and October 2021 respectively, and the NDA application of repaglinide tablets was accepted in June. Tonghua Dongbao also values collaboration with partners around the globe. We have been working with SA Adocia, a French biotechnology company, in the R&D of BC Lispro, ultra-rapid insulin, and have received the notice of approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in November 2020 for the clinical trial of the medicine. In October 2021, BC Lispro has been approved for parallel phase III and phase I clinical trials by CDE. It is the first in its kind approved for the clinical trial in China. In early 2020, we started filing for the registration and certification of insulin glargine and insulin lispro in the European Union and other developing countries.

    Today, Tonghua Dongbao provides the world with five novel drugs, including three for diabetes and two for gout. Among them, the world's first triple SGLT1/SGLT2/DPP4 inhibitor has been approved for the clinical trial in June 2021, providing a powerful impetus to the company's innovation.

    In the days to come, we will take advantage of the favorable national policies that encourage the development of innovative medicines and biological products under the guidance of President Xi Jinping's ideas on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era while staying true to our philosophy of building a global brand through continuous innovation. We will enhance our capabilities in innovation-driven biopharmaceutical R&D and scale up the commercialization of research results to contribute toward achieving the goal of health for all.

    • 1985

      Year of funding

    • RMB3.3bn

      Production Output (2020)

    • 388+

      Number of R&D staff

    • 17+

      Categories of popular products



    • 5 March 2021

      Tonghua Dongbao and WuXi AppTec (Shanghai) signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation, specifying the intention of both parties to start extensive cooperation in the development of novel drugs for diabetes and other diseases, signaling its foray into the realm of novel drugs.

    • 8 March 2021

      Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Research Institute began operations.

    • 27 June 2021

      Tonghua Dongbao won the Best Public Service Award in the 10th Chinese Listed Companies Forum.


    • 27 January 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao donated RMB 1 million to the China Red Cross Foundation for the COVID-19 pandemic control in Wuhan.

    • 4 February 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao rolled out the first lot of Changsulin? insulin glargine injections, or the insulin analog.

    • 21 February 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao donated RMB 22 million worth of drugs and RMB 1 million in cash to the Tonghua Red Cross Society to support the COVID-19 pandemic control in Tonghua.

    • 14 September 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao received the notification of acceptance by the Center for Drug Evaluation of the NMPA on the application for the clinical trial of ultra-rapid-acting insulin lispro injections.

    • 14 October 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao ranked 14th in the Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises 2019 issued by the Expert Committee of China Top 100 Pharmaceutical Industry.

    • 23 November 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao received NMPA approval for the clinical trial of ultra-rapid-acting insulin lispro injections.

    • 26 November 2020

      Tonghua Dongbao was recognized as an enterprise with outstanding contributions in the fight against the pandemic in Tonghua.


    • March 2019

      Mr. Li Yikui, the founder of Dongbao Group, resigned as chairman and exited the Board of Directors. Mr. Li Jiahong took over as the Chairman and General Manager of Dongbao Group, and Dr. Leng Chunsheng served as Chairman and General Manager of Tonghua Dongbao.

    • 6 December 2019

      Tonghua Dongbao received the registration approval for insulin glargine, or the insulin analog.


    • 26 April 2018

      Tonghua Dongbao and Adocia SAS signed the Agreement for Cooperation and Licensing of Ultra-rapid-acting Insulin and the Agreement for Cooperation and Licensing of BioChaperone Combo.

    • May 2018

      The insulin research team led by Dr. Leng Chunsheng was awarded the honorary title of Huang Danian Research Team in Jilin Province.


    • 20 October 2017

      The NMPA issued the approval for the clinical trial of insulin detemir drug substances and insulin detemir injection.

    • 9 November 2017

      Jilin Medical Products Administration issued the notification of acceptance of the application for the clinical trial of recombinant insulin lispro drug substances and recombinant insulin lispro injection.

    • 16 November 2017

      NMPA issued the notification of acceptance of the application for registration of liraglutide drug substances and liraglutide injection.

    • 16 November 2017

      Tonghua Dongbao received the notification of acceptance for the application for the phase III clinical trial of recombinant human insulin injection in the EU.

    • 25 November 2017

      Tonghua Dongbao was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


    • 16 March 2016

      Gansulin R is named as one of the Famous Brands in Jilin.

    • April 2016

      The Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park was settled in Tonghua Pharmaceutical Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 16.

    • 7 June 2016

      The Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and Monitoring Center (ADR Monitoring Center) was established.